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Family Dentistry in Colorado Springs offering Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

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We offer a wide range of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures, all provided with the same high standard of care for patients of all ages. At Jackson L. Anderson, DDS, we believe in the importance of quality patient care and creating a comfortable atmosphere for a relaxing dental experience. Whether you are the first patient at 7:30 am or visiting us after lunch, our staff is fully prepared to provide personalized dental care.

Preventive Services

Preventative measures are particularly important to us. We believe it's important to be proactive when it comes to dental care and your oral health. Early detection and patient education work to help prevent major problems and limit procedures to the least invasive ones. We aim to provide patients with all the information they need to take care of their oral health at home and to help them identify warning signs as early as possible.

Preventive services offered include:

• Dental exams and professional cleaning – routine visits are essential to preventative medicine
• X-rays and digital imaging used for both diagnostic purposes and for planning restorative and cosmetic work give Dr. Anderson a complete picture.
• Fluoride treatment and tooth sealants to protect vulnerable teeth especially aimed at younger patients.
• Preventative care and treatment to help eliminate the onslaught of periodontal disease
• Home care education to help eliminate restoration needs and extend the life of procedural restorations.

Restorative and Cosmetic Procedures in Colorado Springs

Many dental procedures are both restorative and cosmetic. Dr. Anderson provides restorations that create aesthetic improvements as well as provide long-term functionality. For example, sometimes crowns are placed to provide support and protection to a tooth after it has been damaged and repaired, and sometimes crowns are used to cover a discolored or misshapen tooth, to improve its appearance. A porcelain crown will restore beauty and strength to the mouth as compared to a healthy natural tooth.

It is important that patients’ teeth that look and feel great. Dr. Anderson and his staff take an educational approach to make sure patients understand the dental problem and why it is important to fix it. Some issues may have several options to restore function and aesthetics. They will discuss with you all the different treatment options, and make choices together that work best for you each individual.

Restorative and cosmetic procedures include:

Composite and amalgam fillings, inlays, and onlays for the restoration of decay and damage are some of the more common and less intrusive restorations. Depending on the severity of your dental concern, one of these may work best.

Porcelain crowns help repair more severely damaged teeth from larger cavities to cracks or breaks. They are also used to protect a tooth after root canal therapy or attached to a dental implant to mimic a natural tooth.

Porcelain veneers help hide a smile’s imperfections. If the teeth visible in a smile are severely discolored, have chips, are uneven or have unwanted gaps then porcelain veneers are a fabulous cosmetic option. In as little as two office visits, your smile becomes something you will show off proudly in public.

Root canal therapy will correct a deep rooted infection or abscess and save as much of the tooth possible to promote long-term oral health.

Experienced Dental Procedures for Colorado Springs

If you are experiencing dental pain or are in need of a new family dentist for routine exams, Jackson L. Anderson, DDS welcomes new patients of all ages. Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!