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Strong, healthy teeth are important for good general health, and laying the foundation for a lifetime of great oral health starts early. After more than 30 years in practice, we know that developing long-term relationships with the families who visit us ensures that children get the excellent dental care they need. We accept new patients as young as three years old and provide pediatric dental services to give their teeth the best start in life.

The Importance of Early Dental CareFamily Dentistry

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, around 20% of children and teens have untreated cavities—and we want to make sure that this is one problem our patients and their families don't have to worry about. Cavity prevention is just one reason why early childhood dental care is important, but there are several other reasons too.

Oral health and hygiene involves taking care of gums as well as teeth, to minimize the risk of developing gum disease and periodontal disease in adulthood. The earlier children learn about oral hygiene, the more likely they are to adopt good habits that will remain with them for life. Children who are introduced to routine dental procedures early in life—and have good experiences when they visit the dentist—are much less likely to develop dental phobias.

Family and Pediatric Dental Services in Colorado Springs

We provide a range of services for families, including education and preventative procedures such as:

- Routine checkups and professional cleaning.
- Topical fluoride treatment for strengthening teeth, recommended for twice-a-year application, carried out at the same time as regular checkups.
- Sealants for vulnerable permanent teeth, such as the cavity-prone back molars. Sometimes we may recommend this treatment for baby teeth, if a child is particularly prone to cavities.
- When a child requires orthodontic treatment, we refer to a trusted network partner.
- Inspect restorations for signs of damage.
- Discuss cosmetic concerns and possible solutions for recreating a beautiful smile.
- Provide denture or dental implant solutions for missing teeth.

Jackson L. Anderson, DDS Welcome New Families in the Colorado Springs area

We believe in education, first and foremost, so while we don't see children until they reach three years old, we can help parents of younger children who need advice on caring for their child's baby teeth at home. Dr. Anderson welcomes your questions at any time.

With our strong commitment to a high standard of patient care, we also understand the importance of treating all of our patients respectfully, listen to concerns, answer questions, and develop great long-term relationships. That goes for our young patients too! Introducing children to oral hygiene—and to their dentist—early in life sets them up for a lifetime of excellent oral health, and a great-looking smile.

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