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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals in Colorado Springs from Jackson L. Anderson, DDS

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Dental pain is never pleasant, but when severe tooth decay and infection has damaged a tooth from the inside and is impacting the nerve and causing severe pain it is time to call your dentist. Jackson L. Anderson, DDS and staff listen carefully to patients who describe discomfort. When there is temperature sensitivity (to both heat and cold), swelling and tenderness around the tooth, or possibly an abscess patients are instructed to make an appointment at their Silver Springs office right away. 

When tooth damage is this extensive, the best way to save it is root canal treatment. Extraction used to be the only way to stop the pain. Dr. Jackson knows that a root canal will not only stop the pain, but it is the least intrusive procedure to maintain good oral health for the long-term. It is always preferable to save as much of the tooth as possible for optimum oral health benefits. The gap left behind by an extracted tooth can lead to problems later on if not replaced by a prosthetic tooth soon after.

Successful root canal therapy provides a permanent solution that saves the tooth, restores it to normal function, and prevents future problems. With proper care, the restored tooth will last a lifetime. 

The Root Canal Procedure

Dr. Anderson performs root canal therapy in his Colorado Springs office. Modern technology, combined with the care and attention by his staff to all our patients means that if you need to have a root canal, your pain and discomfort will be kept to an absolute minimum.

A root canal begins very similarly to treating a cavity. The area is numbed and dental tools are used to remove the decay. During a root canal, the dentist must treat the pulp of the tooth which is the soft inner portion that contains the nerves. When decay and bacteria are removed, the tooth is filled and a temporary crown is placed until the final restoration is made. At a second visit, Dr. Jackson will permanently seal the tooth and protect it from future damage with a crown. The cosmetic crowns are designed for strength and beauty and will blend in with surrounding teeth. 

After the Root Canal

Once the treatment is complete, Dr. Anderson will go over instructions for at-home care. You are able to go back to your normal schedule. As with a traditional filling, there may be some residual numbness for a few hours afterwards.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about root canal therapy or need to schedule an appointment. Dr. Anderson and staff welcome new patients from Silver Springs and the surrounding area.