Dr. Anderson,
I just want to than you for all you do. Going to the dentist has always been rough. It has been a mix of embarrassment an lack of insurance. Thankfully I am able to go to you. You have never made me feel embarrassed about how bad my teeth are. Thank you so much for that. You're the first dentist that makes the visit comfortable. Your assistants are amazing too!

Hi all,
I had my teeth cleaned this morning for the second time with x-rays.

My new dentist looked at the x-rays for some time. When he looked in my mouth, he said my previous dentist had done "stellar work". He particularly admired my root canals.
He also said that I had received good care. Please make sure Dr. Anderson hears this. I told Dr. Anderson at my last appointment that my next dentist would know that my teeth were well cared for.

Hope all of you are well. Finding new doctors has been a job. I had wonderful doctors in Colorado
Springs and hopefully time will prove true here.