Professional Cleanings and Dental Health Prevention 

Brushing and flossing is crucial to the health of your teeth and gums; however, regular checkups performed by a dentist are also an integral part of oral health and total body wellness. At the Colorado Springs, CO, dental office of Dr. Jackson Anderson, professional cleanings and screenings are performed using the latest high-tech dental equipment. 

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Preventive Dentistry Preventive Dentistry in east colorado springs

Preventive dentistry will often include nutrition guidance, x-rays, sealants, fluoride treatment and hygiene education. The dentist, dental staff, and patient all work together to preserve oral health and prevent problems such as gum disease, dental caries and oral cancer detection. Prevention efforts also incorporate patient education as hygienists inform patients on how to improve their brushing and flossing efforts. Dentists will get to know their medical history. With a direct connection between your oral health and systemic health and certain medications, some patients may be at a higher risk for dental problems. Genetics can also play an important role in your oral health and your dentist will discuss underlying factors to help you maintain good oral health.

Consistent checkups will also help keep complicated problems at bay. Early detection of decay or disease will minimalize the invasiveness of corrective procedures. Not only will this save you from additional treatment, but it will save you money as well. Consistent checkups are an affordable way to keep your smile looking and feeling great!

Gum Disease Detection and Treatment 

Because gum disease can lead to pain, inflammation, tooth loss, and other health problems, it is important to have the health of your gums checked every six months. For those patients who have already been treated for periodontitis, advanced gum disease, dental checkups are increased to occur every three or four months depending on the severity of the initial damage. Gum disease has been systemically linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes which makes early detection, treatment and maintenance programs important to your overall wellbeing. If plaque and bacteria are left in the mouth, the disease can enter the bloodstream and spread to vital organs. 

The New Patient Exam

At the Colorado Springs dental office of Dr. Jackson Anderson and his staff, all new patients receive a gum disease screening and an oral cancer screening as part of their new patient exam. The exam is conducted by Dr. Anderson and his highly trained and experienced hygienists; every new patient receives a full exam and evaluation to identify dental health needs. 

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While a dental visit might seem contradictory to saving money, preventative dentistry is far more affordable than dealing with dental problems that have been left untreated. It costs substantially less to maintain healthy teeth than it costs to fix unhealthy ones. Don’t delay your dental health for one more day. Call Dr. Anderson’s Colorado Springs office at 719-602-5074 today to schedule your appointment, or request an appointment through our convenient online form. 

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