Porcelain Veneers for a New and Improved Smile from Jackson L. Anderson, DDS

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Veneers are very thin slices of strong porcelain, custom-made in a dental laboratory, and permanently bonded over the front surface of teeth. Depending on a patient's needs Dr. Jackson Anderson will fit a partial or full set to improve aesthetics. A well-designed set of veneers can completely reshape and whiten your teeth, instantly giving you a Hollywood-perfect smile.

Why Choose Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are known to correct a wide range of cosmetic issues, including discolored and damaged teeth, and in many cases can be used as an alternative to orthodontics and other restorations. Veneers aren't permanent, but like most dental restorations they'll last a very long time with appropriate care.

Dr. Anderson uses porcelain veneers for a wide range of reasons:

• To re-size or reshape teeth that are too small, too large, or of an irregular shape
• To cover teeth that are crooked, chipped, or worn
• To cover discolored or stained teeth that are resistant to tooth-whitening treatments
• To reduce the size of gaps between teeth

Getting Porcelain Veneers

Having veneers fitted is a two-step process. In the first visit, the teeth are prepared for veneer placement. Each tooth is buffed lightly with a diamond bur, a tool that reshapes and smooths the surface of teeth so that the veneers can bond effectively without increasing the total thickness of the teeth.

During the first visit, Dr. Anderson will make an impression of the targeted teeth. It will be used to create the porcelain veneers. A suitable color is chosen to give you an improved smile that's white, bright, and natural-looking.

At your second visit, the veneers are ready for placement. Your teeth are cleaned with special cleansers that prepare the surface for bonding cement, the fixative that is used to place and hold the veneers. The veneers are then placed using the bonding cement, and are adjusted carefully to make sure they're positioned perfectly. Once the veneers are properly positioned, a special light is used to harden the bonding cement so that the veneers are securely attached.

Finally, you'll receive instructions for at-home care of your fabulous new smile. With daily brushing and flossing, and regular dental checkups, your porcelain veneers will last many years.

If you are looking to improve your smile and want to understand your options, contact Jackson L. Anderson, DDS to schedule an appointment.