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Colorado Springs dentist, Dr. Jackson Anderson, knows quality dentures. At our practice, we assist patients in replacing missing teeth by providing reliable denture services at an affordable cost. Schedule an evaluation with Dr. Anderson to determine how dentures can help improve your quality of life.

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Quality Dentures in El Paso County

These removable prosthetics replace one or more missing teeth using a prosthetic that resembles the look of natural gums and teeth. Each set of dentures is customized to fit the individual, fulfilling their specific needs and restoring their unique smile.

Dentures provide an affordable way to replace missing teeth. These restorations are proven to restore patients’ esthetics, minor dental functions, and improve their quality of life. Receiving full or partial dentures restores a patient’s smile while providing them with the confidence to comfortably enjoy their life without the hindrances of missing teeth.

For patients who are missing several teeth or are edentulous, dentures provide several benefits, including:

  • Fill gaps left by a multiple-missing teeth
  • Prevent teeth from shifting out of alignment
  • Improve a patient’s confidence, appearance, and dental health
  • Restore a patient’s regular dietary habits

What Can You Expect?

The perfect dentures for you are dependent on your needs. We work closely with patients during every step of the way to gather accurate impressions and develop a customized set of full or partial dentures to address each individual’s unique concerns. Patients can expect to receive their dentures within four dental appointments over the course of a few short weeks. During these appointments, Dr. Anderson will gather impressions, administer try-in pairs to ensure a comfortable fit, and finalize dentures to be made in a local dental lab.

Caring for Your New Dentures

Maintaining the cleanliness of your dentures is done through a simple, easy routine process similar to maintaining natural teeth. Patients are required to brush away food debris after eating, similar to your already routine maintenance, as well as place their dentures in a disinfectant solution at night to kill bacteria and ensures their cleanliness.

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Dr. Jackson Anderson and his team of dedicated healthcare providers are standing by to help replace your missing teeth and restore the beauty of your smile. Call or visit our practice in Colorado Springs and schedule a complete evaluation with our dentist today!